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Who We Are
Masternode as a Service by InnovaHost

InnovaHost was created by the Innova community. The people at InnovaHost care about their customers and will do their best to give a great experience.
This service was created entire to support INN but has turned into a Mastenode service for everyone. We can Host just about any Masternode contact us about becoming a partner today. Here at InnovaHost we offer Masternodes as a service for the Crypto-currency community. Contact us to get your coin added today.

  • 40 Years combined Hosting experience.
  • For the community and the official INNOVA Masternode Host.
  • Free Masternode installation and configuration.
  • We will give you complete control of your Masternode (root access).
  • Start your Masternode Hosting today with INNOVA HOST!

Innova Host was created by a collaboration of Innova Community members. It was created to offer an affordable Masternode service that the average person can use. We Install, configure, and every Masternode we provision.

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